RG9 Compact Gate Valve


Product Name: RG9 Compact Gate Valve

Vlave Size: 16"-72"


Temperature Range:-120℃-538℃

The Range of Application:RUV G9 gate valve can be widely used on tank farms, manifolds, terminals, jetties and platforms and any pipeline system. Suited for vacuum service, hot tapping and a wide range of temperature and sour corrosive duties.


General design standard£ºAPI6D

Pressure-temperature rating: ASME B16.34

Face to face dimensions£ºASME B16.10/API6D

Flange type and dimensions£ºASME B16.5/ASME B16.47A

Butt-welded end£ºASME B16.25

Inspection and test£ºAPI6D/API598


Fire-Safe Design

Full round opening

No lubrication – no routine maintenance

Bubble-tight sealing from vacuum to full rated working pressure.

upstream and downstream seal under all operating conditions irrespective of flow direction.

Automatic self relief of body cavity pressure resulting from thermalexpansion in service fluids.

Double block and bleed as defined by API 6D.

Metal to metal primary seal

Seat rings incorporating a secondary elastomer ‘O’ ring seal located in the gate and therefore out of the product flow.

Pressure formed fabricated design to achieve high strength to weight ratio and compact size.

Two piece top entry construction with bolted bonnet for in-line disassembly and ease of full seat and seal replacement.

Rising stem suitable for all types of manual and powered automation.

Pressure rated and fully tested to API 6D pipeline valve specifications.

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